Friday, August 17, 2012

None Of That Durn Yeah-Yeah Music

I see over on Not Clauswitz that somebody at NPR thinks you can tell all kinds of things about people by the kind of music they listen to.  Just because I started this blog to have a place to put music so I could save changing steel needles every play, I'll bite.

1.) What was the first song you ever bought?  I was with my grandmother at an auction, and I was fascinated with an old phonograph full of records. She paid $1.00 for it, and I got to take it home.  It had a lot of good music on the shelves, but this is one I come back to more than most.

2.) What song always gets you dancing? This one's best if you have someone to dance with. I have tried to upload a better copy of this record, and YouTube blocks it. I may repost it on DailyMotion.

If you want happy feet, play the second one.

3.) What song takes you back to your childhood? My record of this one was broken years ago. It's my Rosebud.

4.) What is your perfect love song? Isn't this one everybody's?

But... This one worked OK forty years ago...

5.) What song would you want at your funeral? This just might revive me. We got this one with a Brunswick phonograph the day before we got married. I never saw Susan's mother laugh so hard.

6.) Time for an encore. One last song that makes you, you. Hard to decide. One of these. Ted Lewis blew away Irving Berlin when he re-interpreted this theme.

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