Monday, November 12, 2012

Shooty Weekend In Iowa

Well, I hadn't been up to see Mom in almost three months, what with Mrs. TBS being gone to St. Louis, but I finally headed north on Friday of last week, and made a stop at Cabela's in St. Louis.  The service there was great, and I picked up some necessary items.  I also had to just look at other beautiful things.  ( They have a Good Winchester 74 .22 Long Rifle with figured wood, priced at $350...with 10% off for the next week.  If you are a .22 aficianado, this is one worth looking at.

Mom needed a scope for her 10/22, because we had robbed the scope off of Dad's Remington 550 for her new little Ruger.   We went to Scheel's at Coralville, and when she goes to the firearm section of the store, it reminds you of Ben (The Graduate) showing up at the Taft Hotel.   "Hello, Mrs. Johnson; How are you today, Mrs. Johnson?...and etc.  We looked at several scopes, and she selected a Bushnell Banner 1.75-4X scope, with a circle around the crosshair intersection.  We then had to look at pistols, mainly because she wanted to see some pocket .22's.  The little Beretta tip-up was very appealing to look at, but she found it to be unusable.  The safety is necessarily stiff on this gun, and thin-skinned octogenarian fingers can't work it.  She also could not cock the tiny bobbed hammer by hand if it was at rest.  It was a good idea, but the little Beretta is meant for younger hands.  While we were looking in the pistol display cases, we spied a very slightly used, blue Ruger Single-Ten, with a 4 5/8" barrel.  Mom checked that out, and it works just fine for a senior citizen, plus it is a truly beautiful firearm.  She did the paperwork and brought it home.  We headed out to the Clemon's Creek shooting range that same day and had her new Ruger sighted in perfectly at twenty five yards in less than ten minutes.  Saturday night, we installed the new scope on her 10/22, put the old scope back on Dad's rifle, and dialed the settings back to where they had been.  We will check the zero on that rifle next time. 

 Ten/TwentyTwo's are great for tinkerers.  We put a Volquartsen hammer kit in the Compact rifle, performed the necessary filing on the bolt release so it drops with a pull on the bolt, swapped the birch stock for a Blackhawk adjustable stock, installed 1 1/4" sling swivels, and a G.I. Web Sling.  Then we added the new scope.  Mom is drilling bullseyes.

 We spent quite a bit of time at the range working with Mom's LCP.  Since her recent abdominal surgery she is good for only one or two trigger strokes with this gun, and her grip is not as tight as it was, so it stings her a bit.  We worked out a new technique for her so she can shoot with the gun held in close, just above her waist, with her elbows pinned to her sides.  She can take the front end slack out of the trigger, bring in a finger from her other hand, and make good shots on a close-up target.  Her windage is right up the middle all the time, but her elevation varies.  (Note to would-be muggers:  She might hit you anywhere from your neck to your precious, so you had better leave Mom alone.)

We finished all of our necessary shooting in a light rain Sunday morning, and loaded the gear back into the car in a downpour.  We performed a thorough clean and lube on all three guns, so they are ready to go back to work anytime.  We have learned from these infrequent range trips that semi-autos dry out in about three months, and they will not run unless you add a little oil to the rails.  We applied a bit of synthetic grease to the LCP rails when we reassembled it, so it will work if Mom needs to use it.

The blue Single-Ten...what a beauty.  The 4 5/8" barrel allows Mom to strap it on, hop in the car and go.  Because it's blue, this gun has Ruger's aluminum grip frame, and it is four ounces lighter than the stainless version.  Mom really likes the slimmer Gunfighter grips on this model, too.  If you find one, buy it!


Julie H. said...

I'm heart broken...all the name-dropping, and you failed to mention the fine Henry Repeating Arms in the background...tsk, tsk, tsk... :) We have a .22 Golden Boy and a .357 magnum Big Boy. The Big Boy is a bit on the heavy side, but you can't miss with them.

A good place to do some online bargain hunting/price comparisons is: and click on the Gun Genie link on the left side of the page. Also, for reloading & ammo, I think Graf's has a store in St. Charles. We haven't made our way over there yet, but I know the one in Mexico, MO had a very large variety of ammo and reloading stuff.

TrueBlueSam said...

That .357 Henry is a great little deer rifle. There is a link for Graf's on the left side; they are the one I go to for 7.5 x 55 Swiss brass.

Blue said...

Your mom has it "going on". That's good stuff! :)

TrueBlueSam said...

Shooting is a lot more fun than crocheting, and Mom feels secure in her home. The great-grandkids are shooting now, so there will be range trips with them.