Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Rifle In The Rack

I stopped by Larry's Gun Shop in McLeansboro recently to shop for reloading supplies, and there was a new Ruger 10/22 Stainless Tactical model on the rack.   Larry quoted a good price on it, below suggested retail, and I grabbed it while the getting was good.  I really like the slick look of the barrel without iron sights.

A wish list of modifications was assembled, and I fired off an order to Midway and the Appleseed Store.  While I was doing my online shopping, I clicked over to Mr. Completely's Magnum Supply and ordered a new set of Pro-Ears muffs for the Mrs.  I made those three orders on a Saturday evening, (Midway in Missouri, Appleseed in Colorado, and Magnum Supply in western Washington State) and all of them arrived in my mailbox the next Thursday!  That's great service!  I changed out the stock hammer and spring for a Volquartsen target hammer, lowering the trigger pull from nearly seven pounds to two and a half.

Larry had this Bushnell red dot scope for a decent price, and that went on top.  Ruger cautions against using Loctite on the rail mounting screws, but I carefully applied some on the bottom side of the screw heads and didn't let any drip into the receiver.

I had a set of swivel studs on hand, but the rear one was meant for screwing into wood.  The back end of the stock was easy to pop out, and a piece of hickory was fitted to the bottom of the interior of the stock.  A little work with a drill, and the rear stud screwed in securely.  Midway provided the 1 1/4" sling swivels.

The front stud is a clamp-on, and no drilling was needed on the front end of the stock.

G.I. Websling, installed!  It will improve my shooting in offhand, kneeling, and prone.

The stock bolt release requires some fiddling every time to make the bolt drop, and you can change that easily if you have a small chainsaw file.  The little pointy thing in the hole needs to be removed, plus a little more.

Are you done yet?  No, the hole must be arched out slightly to allow the bolt to release easily.  Leave it straight like this, and you will be taking the bolt release out again for more filing.  CLICK HERE to see how after market manufacturers shape this hole.  Watch the brief video to see how this modification speeds up the operation of your 10/22.  This little rifle is going be lots of fun to shoot, and it will be getting a good workout in the months ahead. 

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