Monday, June 10, 2013

Fun At The Range With A Hi-Point .45

 We spent some time Sunday at the Clemons Creek Shooting Range, and had the pleasure of watching this fellow breaking in his new Hi-Point .45 pistol. Everyone has an opinion about Hi-Points, it seems. I like my carbine, and this fellow liked his pistol just fine. Tim over at Gun Nuts reviewed a 9 mm Hi-Point last year, and he experienced quite a few malfunctions with his sample. The IraqVeteran on YouTube has played around with 9mm Hi-Points quite a bit, and he found that they run well with hot ammo; not so well with budget ammo. Your mileage may vary. If these are all you can afford, they will serve you well. There are plenty of slicker and prettier guns out there, but they all cost a pretty penny compared to the humble Hi-Point.

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