Sunday, June 16, 2013

Shooting The June e-Postal

It's been a busy weekend at our place, but the Mrs and I took a little time out from work to burn some .22 ammo shooting the June e-Postal.  We both shot our Mk III pistols with red dot sights, and I also shot the new 10/22 Tactical.  After that session, I swapped the red dot scope off of my Mk III for a 1.4 to 4X shotgun scope.  It has 6 inches of eye relief and a big, easy to see reticle.  I hold it in close with my shooting hand, and use my left hand to hold onto the scope.  There was an immediate improvement in my shooting ability, and I will need to do a little report on this setup. 

We set up the video cam by our target stand so you can share in our session out behind the barn.

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danno said...

Good shootin' there Tex, er TBS!

The SCSon and I shot the match today as well but he smoked me. He scored a 90 while best I could do was a pair of 30's.

Hopefully we'll have another opportunity to shoot it again, but if not, these will be submitted!