Saturday, June 15, 2013

Winners And Losers On Fathers' Day

Winner.  His youngest kid; all of them had kids.  I went to school with the little guy's youngest daughter.  The guy in the hat saw my grandmother married before he died at 55. (Click on photo to enlarge, then right-click to save-as.)

Gust's second wife.  Alma died with TB, and Nellie took over raising the kids.  They had a daughter, Emily, before she and Gust died from TB.  The girls went to separate homes, and the boys went to Lafayette, Indiana to live with childless Uncle John and his wife.

God Bless John, for taking in his brother's sons.  They grew up, left home to seek their fortune, and John took his own life.

Emily got a new Mama, grew up and had her own family.  Her daughter Betty is a much beloved cousin.  Her husband John passed from cancer a few years back.  They have kids and grandkids.

What we all want.  We have kids, they have kids, those kids have kids.  Life goes on only if we pass it on.

Pity those who don't succeed.  Lloyd married, but had no kids.  He died in 1944 from burns he suffered during the invasion of Tinian.
You call.  The father died on Guam in 1944, but, he had a son, and might have thriving descendants today.  Life ain't fair, and it usually doesn't make sense.  Don't wish for fair; Hell is all about fairness.  May God Bless our Mothers and Fathers, but think a bit before you say "Happy Fathers' Day.  "I love you, Pop" is always OK.

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