Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mr. Completely's Super Sekrit Gun Oil; Goodness Gracious, It's Slick!

This German Sport Guns 1911-22 is a great shooting handgun, but it does like to be oiled.  It isn't broken in yet and we have found that after being stored away for a month, it has to have the slide re-oiled before it will run.  Mr. Completely has been selling his Super Sekrit Gun Oil through his Magnum Shooters Supply, and I had him send a bottle to me.  I cleaned this 1911, oiled it up, and used Mr. C's oil on the slide, then put the gun away in its box for two months.  I brought it out for a test run out behind the barn, and this is the result...

That's a lasty lube!  It hangs onto the slide like the bark on a tree. (That's a little forester lingo.)  Good Stuff!   Click over to Magnum Shooters Supply to buy a few bottles, and check out his other merchandise as well.  Mike manufactures mounts for optical sights, and sells the extra high quality OKO Red Dot reflex sights, which are being used with great success in Steel Challenge contests. 

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