Wednesday, November 13, 2013

After Action Cleanup: Mom's 22/45

I always have a great time taking Mom out to the Clemon's Creek Shooting Range when I visit, and I spend more time helping her shoot than I do shooting myself. I can always shoot when I am at home, but Mom likes to have company at the range, and she doesn't get out unless someone goes with her.  Her guns go to the garage when we get back from the range, and they are cleaned and oiled before they go back to her armory to await their next use. I need to tear down Mk III Rugers more often...I have to think hard at every step, but I didn't have to go watch a video this time.


Jay Ater said...

That should help!

David aka True Blue Sam said...

My Mk III doesn't get torn down after every shooting session. I take off the grips, spray it inside and out with PB Blaster, use a toothbrush on the parts I can reach, blow it out with compressed air, pull a Boresnake through the tube, and oil the pertinent parts with my own special blend.

Thanks for the vid!