Sunday, December 29, 2013

Taurus PT22...

B.I.L. Jim has been studying possibilities for his first pistol purchase for several months.  He's talked to me, visited gun shops and shooting ranges, and has done his internet research, too.  He decided he wanted a Taurus PT22 for his first pistol, largely because he wants a pocket pistol, and he knows he will shoot a .22 more than he will the centerfire calibers.  We went to a gun show Saturday, and there were exactly two of the little PT22's at the show; one had poly grips, and the other had rosewood grips.  Jim opted for the rosewood model, and he also picked up a few other necessities, including a brick of .22 ammo.  We looked over his purchase, read the pertinent pages of the manual, and headed to a range near his home.

We were both prepared for a break-in period with a variety of malfunctions with the tiny .22 pistol, but that did not happen.     We started out with Colt .22 Long Rifles made by Aguila, and also ran CCI Mini-Mags,  CCI Velocitors, CCI Stingers, Federal Hi-Velocity, and Remington Thunderbolts.  All of the ammo ran the PT22 without fail, except for one Remington Thunderbolt that failed to fire.  Jim tipped up the barrel, rotated the cartridge, and it fired on the second hit.  He ran 300 rounds through his new pistol, straight out of the box, with only that one malfunction, which we blamed on the ammo. 

We did most of the shooting at 30 feet, and found that the point of impact is about 1 1/2" under the point of aim, but we were able to compensate, and kept most of our shots in the target circles all the way out to 25 yards.  Cleanup was easy when we got home.  Tip up the barrel, pull the slide back, raise the front end, and slide it forward to remove it.  Spritz the works with cleaner, brush the residue from the slide and barrel, pull a Bore Snake through the bore, oil, wipe off the excess, and reassemble.  The PT22 is easy to clean!  Jim is really pleased with his purchase, and both of us are impressed with the way the little pocket pistol runs.  Check one out if you are in the market for a pocket pistol.  Jim chose the PT22 over a Ruger LCP because of the fit to his hands. He could only fit one finger on the grip of the LCP's because of his large hands, but he could get a two-fingered grip with the Taurus.  It goes to show that you need to do your homework and handle a lot of guns before you make your first purchase.

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