Friday, May 15, 2015

Gunsmoke Thursday Nights!

Thursday night is Pistol League Night at the Carmi Rifle Club, and Pattie is coming on strong this year. She's not as fast as the guys, but she tends to make more hits and fewer misses. We continue to adapt for infirmities. This year I am keeping a hand on her shoulder to steady her, and one hand under her left elbow to keep the pistol spaced away from her face. As Pattie goes through five runs, her arms tire, and she was bringing the pistol in a bit closer for each run. Adaptive shooting means you must constantly be ready to adapt a bit more, and it pays off. A little support, and she can run the plates just fine. Pattie was running 10-11 seconds most of the time last night, but she had one run under 9 seconds, and hit all five plates.

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Merle Morrison said...

I only hope I can do that well at her age!