Sunday, June 21, 2015

May e-Postal Scores Are Up!

Thursday nights we go to Pistol League at Carmi if I can get home from work in time. Last week Patty told us before we left and a couple times as we drove that she didn't feel like shooting. She was just going to watch. A new shooter came to the range that night. He had a brand new Mk III Standard Pistol, and he knew nothing about shooting it. With a club member on either side of him, he was coaxed through magazine after magazine. After his first time up (with long times and many misses), Patty announced that she wanted to shoot after all. She shot three rounds on the plates and had her best times ever. On her final turn she got below 5 seconds on the five plate stage. After her first turn she said "I hope I didn't make that guy feel too bad."

Friday, Christoper at The Smallest Conservative blog posted the May Mr. Completely e-Postal scores, and there was Patty at the top of the list! We were all amazed, to say the least. She has to use a rest for target work, but she still has to line up and make a good trigger squeeze. The skills she has learned from Appleseed instructors really come through on her pistol shooting. So, twice in the same week Patty has kicked you know what. Look out, because next she will be taking names. Not bad for a lady who will be celebrating 91 years next Saturday.

You can see the May e-Postal scores Here, at The Smallest Conservative. Thank You, Christopher for hosting the May contest!

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Merle Morrison said...

It's good to see she is still going strong! Hope I can do as well when I approach her age!