Sunday, July 19, 2015

Action At The Young Leader Youth Shoot, Carmi Rifle Club, July 18, 2015

The weather forecast hurt our turnout yesterday. They were calling for it to be beastly hot, and it was warm, but we had a great breeze throughout our event and we didn't suffer at all. We still had twenty four shooters, a great catered meal (Barbecue!), and plenty of good shooting to watch while you waited your turn. Margie Holmes won the raffle for a new Browning Buckmark pistol, and her husband Fred won the twenty-five yard bulleye event, taking home a brick of Winchester ammo. Way To Go! Here's a little of the action, courtesy of Dawn, Jay, and Trevor, who ran the camera when I was too busy to shoot it.

Here are the Holmes's with their prizes.

And if you don't have five magazines for shooting steel, don't worry about that; someone will top you off! Pistol League is every Thursday night at 6P. Come and shoot with us!

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