Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pattie Is Setting Records!

Thursday night is Pistol League Night at the Carmi Rifle Club, and we made the trip tonight. We had a big turnout and the gunsmoke rolled. Pattie Ann shot three rounds, and she shot really well on her second turn. A few weeks back she shot one run at 5.44 seconds. Tonight she shot one at 5.33 seconds. Holy Cow! She began shooting pistols at age 88, six months after she had a stroke that nearly killed her. An Appleseed Rifleman Patch is within reach if she has a good day at the next Appleseed shoot, and she is breaking six seconds on five steel plates! She has good muzzle discipline, good trigger finger discipline, and she can hit her targets. Shooting is a sport for all ages and physical abilities.

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Anonymous said...

Simply awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!