Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Our Friend Sally Had Never Fired A Pistol!

We reached a good stopping point for yard work and were setting up behind the barn to shoot Mr. Completely's e-Postal match when Sally stopped by to visit.  Sally is a serious outdoors woman.  She gardens, plants trees, hunts deer, coyotes, and turkeys, so we invited her to come out back and shoot with us.  That's when we found out that she had never fired a pistol.  That was hard to believe, and easy to remedy.  We had the plates set up at 25 yards from shooting a few days ago, so all we had to do was load a Mk III and put it in her hands.  We got that New Shooter Smile from Sally, even though she is an experienced hunter.  .22 pistols have that effect on everyone it seems.

Remember to watch the hands closely on your shooting students.  Wrapping the off-side thumb behind the slide just seems to come naturally for anyone who is unfamiliar with semi-auto pistols, and it is the responsibility of the instructor to warn and correct students to avoid injuries.  A couple years ago I had a fellow who wrapped his hand around the front of the cylinder on a revolver as he was getting ready to shoot.  Disaster was averted because I had my eyes on him.  Pay close attention to your shooters and make sure they all go home with smiles on their faces.

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