Thursday, September 22, 2016

Buy As Much Skill As You Can

I have heard violinists say that.  The better your instrument, the better you will sound.  The same rule applies with other tools, at least to a certain extent..  Susan and I have been shooting Ruger Mk III Target models for several years.  They run well, but they are a 42 ounce gun, and it is a bit of weight to hold up.

I recently upgraded Susan's steel shooting iron.  This is a 22/45 Lite, which weighs a bit less than 23 ounces.  It has a Volquartsen Accurizing Kit in it, a Mk II bushing so the magazines drop easily, and a Vortex Venom holographic sight.  It's much lighter and faster to handle than the all steel Mk III with a Bushnell tube red dot on top.   Susan is shooting consistently in the low 4 second range now on five steel plates, about a second faster per run than she was doing with her other pistol.

We already liked the 22/45 platform, because that made it possible for Pattie to stand up and shoot plates with a pistol.  I did not realize what a difference the weight would make for an able-bodied person.

And just when you thought life couldn't get any better, more good news came out from Ruger today.  Watch Gunblast's video and learn all about the Ruger Mk IV pistol!

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