Thursday, September 29, 2016

Good Range Trip

                                                                   (File Photo, April 2016)

We went to Pistol League at the Carmi Rifle Club tonight and had a great evening.  The city police and the county Sheriff's Department were qualifying, so we were able to shoot just one round outdoors on steel before we moved inside.  Pattie shot her five magazines on the 12" plates and hit every time.  She had a couple times just over 5.6 for a run, so she was in good form.  Indoors, we shot our NRA silhouette targets, with 48 shots per round for a possible 480 points.  One of the newer members (shooting for one year) shot 468 twice in consecutive rounds. She is embarrassing the old timers, and making everybody proud, too, because all of us have helped her along.  I might start asking for handicap points if I don't catch up to her. Good Times!


Merle Morrison said...

Yeah, there's something to be said for younger eyes & steadier hands.... :)

But it's good there are younger folks getting into the game - bodes well for the future.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Susan shot a 464 with her Ruger Lite. That gun has improved her shooting, and it dods not tire her to run it all evening. I am recommending the Ruger Lites for anyone who would benefit from a lighter pistol.