Friday, January 20, 2017

Chainsaw Fails

This video found me, and it's a good one.  There are so many mistakes that will be easy for you to spot that I probably shouldn't enumerate them, but just for the record: Never cut a tree that is within range of an improvement, a power line, or a vehicle.  Twice the height is the safety distance for spectators.  Don't cut from a ladder.  If you don't know why, you will see in the video. Ropes to fight lean must be opposite the lean, not at 90°.  Don't try that if you care about what the tree might hit.  Here at the Johnson house we love to run chainsaws, and we love to cut trees.  We also call a guy with a bucket truck every year or two to handle tasks that we can't do ourselves.  It is much less painful than going to the E.R, or calling a carpenter to fix the house.


John said...

That video confirms that yesterday's decision to write a check to the tree guy was absolutely the right call.

jon spencer said...

A distinct lack of any sort of common sense was very evident.