Thursday, July 5, 2018

Which Red Dot For Recreational Shooting?

We see this question frequently on a shooting page on Facebook that I follow.  The Bushnell TRS-25 has lots of followers, and we have one.  It has only a dot with adjustable brightness, and it is small.  Ours died and the point of impact changes with every shot.  Most people are saying good things about that little sight, but I am not buying another.  We also have a dead Tru-Glo red dot.  It was inexpensive and worked well for a while on the Hi-Point .45 Carbine.  It started walking bullets all over the target, too, so it is gathering dust.

We have had very good service from the Bushnell Trophy tube-type red dot sights.  They have multiple reticles in red or green, with adjustable brightness.  We have used them hard and they have been durable for us.  You can shoot a coon out of a tall tree with one of these sights.  I put a Vortex Venom sight on Susan's 22/45 Lite, and it really helps make that light gun a good shooter.  It cost more than twice the Bushnell Trophy, and it seems like a high quality sight.  The tube type sight is faster to use if you don't practice.  Without the tube to line up your eye, you may have to move the single lens around a bit so you can find the reticle projection.  Shoot regularly and it becomes second nature.  You can see the difference to the shooter in these videos. The first is Pattie, shooting her 22/45 Lite with the Bushnell Trophy, then Susan shooting her Mk III with a Bushnell, then Susan shooting her 22/45 Lite for the first time with the Vortex Venom.

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