Monday, April 16, 2012

Hi-Point Firearms; Unbelievable Low Prices and They Work!

Tom of WeaponsEducation on YouTube has posted many videos of various booths at the January 2012 Shot Show. Watch his videos and you will figure out pretty quickly that he is very enthusiastic about high-end firearms, especially custom 1911's. Anyway, I have been enjoying his reports, and was highly amused by his review of Hi-Point. Hi-Points are economically priced, Made-In-America guns with a lifetime warranty, and a reputation for working. I hope Tom breaks down and buys one of these bargain firearms. They really do work, even if they aren't as pretty as his custom .45's, and they fill an important need for folks with limited funds who need protection at home.  Check into Tom's YouTube channel and tell him about your Hi-Point.  He just can't believe that they really work!

Several YouTubers have posted videos of "Torture Tests" of Hi-Point pistols which supposedly are evaluating how well these products work when they are contaminated with mud and grit. One of the latest tests posted consists of filling the barrel with powder, plugging the end with a bolt driven in, and surprise!!!; the barrel bursts. These testers need to get back to reality. Most folks clean and oil their pistols after use to keep them operating reliably, and know better than to run their guns with sand in the action, or with unsafe reloaded ammo.

One thing these videos prove is that some You-Tubers have $150-300 to throw away making a video. Hi-Points aren't made for gun snobs; the construction and operation is simpler than other brands, and the machining tolerances are probably looser than most custom guns...But, they work!!!, and they are fun to shoot. Mom has a 9mm Carbine, and I have a .45 Carbine. They both work every time we pull the trigger, and they shoot where the sights point. Go ahead and buy one, Tom! I promise that you will like it!

Hi-Point is a regular supporter of the Gun Blogger Rendezvous and Project Valour-IT. True Blue Sam blog receives no income or gratuities from Hi-Point or any of the other firearm manufacturers mentioned here. But, True Blue Sam does like Hi-Point because the company is somewhat of a rebel; making inexpensive products that work very well, in America, for Americans!  And their guns really work!

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