Tuesday, July 17, 2012

May and June e-Postal Results

Phil had very light participation in the June contest, and was holding off posting the results for a late entry.  June's results are HERE.

Danno had more entries in May and his results are at This Link.

Mr. Completely's monthly e-Postal contest is a friendly competition strictly for the practice, good times, and bragging rights.  You don't need any special equipment, and This Month's Contest is designed to give you high scores and targets you can hang on your refrigerator and brag about.  Click to go to the rules, and to download your target.

I've heard from Billll of Bill's Idle Mind, and he has shot a target with his Hi-Point 4095 Carbine.  I have already shot the squirrel target with a couple of pistols, but I will dust off the Hi-Point 4595 Carbine so we can see how my little black beauty stacks up against Billll's.

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