Friday, August 17, 2012

Gun Blogger Rendezvous Supporters

We don't have a complete list of the supporters of the Gun Blogger Rendezvous yet, but there is enough information to pass on to prospective attendees.  Hi-Point will be a sponsor again this year, and making an educated guess based on previous years, some lucky person will be up one carbine after the Rendezvous. 

Dillon is a new sponsor, and it will be exciting to see which of their products they show to attendees.  If you are a high volume shooter, you need a progressive reloader from Dillon
Brownells will be back, and they have been very generous with their range bags the last few years. The Signature Range Bag will be one of your most prized possessions if you are the lucky person, and it also makes a great carry-on bag for airline travel. is a new sponsor this year, and I hope they have a rep there to tell the bloggers all about buying and selling online.  The word on Mr. Completely's blog is that Gun Broker will be providing one of the meals at the Rendezvous.

The Second Amendment Foundation will be represented by Ray Carter.  If you aren't familiar with the SAF is, or what they do, please check out their website.  The NRA and the NSSF will both be in Reno, and their representatives always have important information to share with the attendees.

Leupold  will be represented again, as will Sig Sauer.  Leupold donated one of their scopes last year, and Sig sent a variety of guns for the bloggers to shoot.  Mr. C says that Sig is donating something big this year!  Keep an eye on his blog for more information.

Lucky Gunner has joined up again, plus Cabela's Reno, Pro Ears, and the Western Nevada Pistol League.  I brought home a set of these Pro-Ears muffs from Reno last year, and the Mrs. uses them when she is mowing the lawn.  They are simply the best muffs that we have ever had; comfortable and quiet!

Mr. Completely's contact at GLOCK, Randi Rodgers, is now shooting for Comp-Tac, and they will be sending some of their goods to Reno for attendees. 

And...Ruger is on board again this year, in conjunction with Engineering Johnson.  There will be a Vaquero revolver, plus one more firearm, which is yet to be announced!

Oh Yeah, you need one of these!  Go to the Gun Blogger Rendezvous site, fill out your registration form and send it off to Mr. Completely.  You definitely want to be in Reno for the Rondy!

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