Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mk 5 Jungle Carbine

Hickok45 posted a video a few days ago that shows off an Enfield Jungle Carbine he recently acquired.  I was lucky enough to pick up one of these classics a decade ago when Southern Ohio Gun had some in stock, and it is a handy little rifle.  If you read about them, one of the things you will see is that they kick more than the full size Mk 4 Enfield rifles.  That's true enough, but the .303 round isn't hard to handle, and the carbine is a handy little gun to pack around.

 My Mk 5 shows quite a bit of honest wear, and some oil staining on the stock.

 The rear sight can be left down for quick shots, or flipped up for fine sighting.  I mounted a scope on this rifle, but it ruined the rugged good looks, and it made loading difficult, so I re-installed the original rear sight.

You have to love the flash hider on the end of the short barrel.  The wear on the bayonet lug leads me to believe that this rifle may have seen some real use, and didn't just sit in a rack.

I took mine along on my recent trip to see Mom so I could check the sights, which I hadn't done in a while.  We just about froze out before I got  around to shooting my rifle, so I fired a fouling shot, then fired three rounds at a target at twenty five yards.  That was enough to see that the sights are still right on, and we loaded up so we could get in out of the cold.  (The 150 gr refers to the bullet weight, NOT the weight of the charge of 748; not that you could even get close to cramming that much powder into a .303 case)

Here is Mr. Hickok45 sharing his new baby with us.   It's always fun to watch Hickok blasting the two liters.

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