Thursday, August 7, 2014

Life Is Full Of Surprises

"I want to shoot standing up, like everyone else!" said my 90 year old Mother In Law after our weekly steel practice at the Carmi, Illinois Rifle Club. She was shooting my Ruger Mk III Target model with a Bushnell red dot, but she had to sit as she shot because of the weight. She has scoliosis and is impaired by a stroke that maimed her left side. I bought a Ruger Mk III 22/45 Lite, put a Bushnell red dot on it, and a compensator. Now she is ringing the plates while she stands. She LOVES her Ruger. Many Thanks to all the good folks at Ruger for bringing joy to our lives. PS: She took up shooting at age 89 with my Ruger Mk III target model. Trips to the range invigorate her more than you can imagine.


Mr. Completely said...

Don't let anyone try to get her to straighten her elbows. That is a very valid, although unusual, technique. Check out world champion Tatsuya Sakai:

You may need to copy the whole link into a browser to see it.

Mr. C.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

She would oscillate vertically if she extended her arms. I stay right next to her and make sure that she keeps enough space between her face and the bolt. Susan and I both shoot with the taco grip, and that is accepted at the Carmi Rifle Club.

Pat has to look at her left hand to put it where she wants it. She places her left thumb on the safety button and then is able to grip her strong hand. The compensator adds a level of safety in case her left hand wanders while she is getting ready to shoot.

Anonymous said...

Anything that works, and is safe, is a valid stance.