Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Chainsaw Safety Reminder

Our friend Russell, in Washington, Iowa shot some video of a neighbor cutting a tree and gave the raw footage to me. There are numerous safety problems evident, without even getting close to the action. If you use a saw, please find some safety training. This fellow was lucky and came away uninjured. I doubt he even realized the risks he was making for himself. Many Thanks, Russell!

Using a chainsaw means that you need two dozen safety rules in your head before you crank that beast. A good friend of mine is out of commission right now, and is lucky to be alive because he was cutting alone. A limb nailed him on the head, shattering his hard hat, and it nearly scalped him. He was working in the most remote part of the largest county in Illinois. He was able to call his wife, who was out of state on business. She called a neighbor who knew the location, and he retrieved my friend, and met up with an ambulance. Be safe out there! Chainsaws are the most dangerous tool we use.

 If you live within driving distance of Dixon Springs, Illinois, sign up for the training session on October 4, 2014.

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