Thursday, October 9, 2014

Adaptive Shooting Means Not Sitting On The Sidelines

Thursday evening Pistol League has moved inside for the winter, and we are learning new techniques so Susan's Mother Pat can continue to shoot her pistol through the winter months.  Half of the 48 rounds in a match are shot from the fifty foot line in four positions in sets of six shots.  Pat is not capable of that, but she can shoot from her tripod.  Here we are adjusting it prior to the line going hot.

 Her first shot from the 15 foot line was in the ten ring, and she did well at the 30 foot line, too. I stand between her and the shooter to her left to block flying brass.  We had to figure out methods for loading, mag changes and clearing malfs. We soon figured out that for changes and malfs we set the safety, I take the pistol, perform what needs to be done, place it back in her right hand, she nails down her left hand, and then I move the safety back to fire.  Her anchor point for the left hand is to place her thumb on the safety button, for consistency and for safety's sake.

We shoot weak hand/brace, strong hand/brace, sitting or kneeling, and 2 hand standing at the 50 foot line.  Pat shot all of hers seated with the help of a tripod, and that worked well with her disabilities. Click to enlarge this photo and check out the fire coming out both ends of the barrel in this shot.

Pat and Susan are both learning this routine, and doggone! Pat almost beat her daughter.  422 to 423 on her first go 'round!  Many thanks to Valinda Rowe for camera duty!


Merle Morrison said...

It continues to amaze (and please) me to see how well Pat is doing. Lucky for all of us she didn't start years ago - we'd be in real trouble!


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Is there any other sporting activity where both young and old can compete side by side, and be nearly on an equal footing? Shooting really is a joy for Pat and Susan. The other members at Carmi are all supportive, and are inclusive to all newbies who need to learn the ropes.