Saturday, February 7, 2015

Fair Weather February Day; Let's Go Out Behind The Barn!

The temp hit 60 F in Southern Illinois today, and we hauled a small arsenal out back and set up steel targets to celebrate the nice weather.  Pattie had trouble getting a sight picture with her scoped .22, but we worked with it until she got it.  Her muffs were interfering with her glasses, and mis-aligned tri-focals do not work with a scope.  She was OK after switching to plugs.  Then she limbered up her pistol, and gave her steel AQT target a real workout. The big target on top pings real nice when you hit it; the smaller ones spin like crazy.  Susan did well popping the little ones with her rifle, and Pattie kept the two upper rows moving.  Her red dot is a Bushnell Trophy, and she uses the cross reticle.  We had this target set up at 25 meters. These targets force you to SQUEEEEEZE, and to call each shot.

I popped the big gong with the .45 Hi-Point, and it is definitely video-worthy.  I'll do that tomorrow for you-all to enjoy.


Merle Morrison said...

Does this mean that spring has sprung???? :)


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Oh, it's going to turn cold again, and we should have been stockpiling firewood,but we can do that when it's cold. We shot two days in a row; that's darn good for February.