Monday, February 16, 2015

How Tough Is Your Red Dot SIght?

We have had trouble again with one of our red dot sights.  The Bushnell TRS-25 that was on Susan's Mk III shot loose inside, and it has been replaced with a Bushnell Trophy red dot. We had this TruGlo red dot sight on the .45 Hi-Point, and while it seems to hold a zero OK on a .22 rifle, the recoil from the .45 knocked the elevation setting off.

Susan and I were ringing her gong; her with her 10-22, and me with the Hi-Point. You will see that I miss at 10 seconds, pause, and then miss again at 14 seconds, putting a hole in the strap just above the gong.

 I checked the sights and the red dot was down on the post instead of on top. I shot again with the dot at 29 seconds for another miss, and then shot with the iron sights at 34 seconds, for a hit. The TruGlo has been retired from the Hi-Point, but it did check out OK on a .22 rifle, so I guess the .45 recoil is just a bit too much for this sight.

...And now you know why the first part of this video (KaBong-Ka-Bong-KaBong) ended so abruptly.


Billll said...

Had the same problem with the Barska on my 4095. Went in and put all the screws back this time with Loctite.

Switched to a 4X scout scope and haven't put the Barska back on although it lasted a good long time before loosening up.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

I'm going to send the Bushnell in for service. I should open up the TruGlo and see if I can Loctite it back to dependability. The Hi-Point is going to get an old scope that has proven itself.