Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Gifts For Shooters: Update

Update: I visited with Brian Hobbs today, and he will be in his shop on Thursday welding up sets like Pattie's. You just barely have time to order Rifleman Targets before Christmas. Go to his site right away and order if you need one of these great targets for someone in your family.

Brian at Rifleman Training Targets has a great line of high quality steel targets for rimfire and centerfire shooters. Here you see Pattie with her AQT Liberty Training Target. The Redcoat silhouettes are the same size as the 4 and 5 zones on the Appleseed Qualification Targets that you shoot at 25 yards. If you can hit these reliably, you should be able to earn your Rifleman patch. You shoot these at 25 yards, standing, sitting or kneeling, rapid-fire prone, and slow-fire prone, with rimfire rifles or pistols. They are made of 1/4" AR 500 steel.

Brian also makes a full-size Red Coat Target, to be shot at 100 yards standing, 200 yards sitting/kneeling, 300 yards rapid fire prone, and 400 yards slow-fire prone. These are made of 3/8" AR 500 steel, and will stand up to long use on your range.  He has recently added scaled-down Red Coats that simulate 200, 300, and 400 yards when hung at 100 yards. If you can't spring for the entire set, I recommend buying the 1/2 size Red Coat. You can shoot it offhand at 50 yards, sitting at 100 yards, rapid-fire prone at 150, and slow-fire prone at 200 yards.

Study the entire line of targets at the Rifleman Training Target website. We just recently bought some round gongs that we will be shooting on our range out behind the barn with both rifles and pistols. All of these targets are cut with water jet, so they have not been damaged by heat.


Merle Morrison said...

Thanks for the link. Is that a recent pic of Pattie? Glad to see she is doing well.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

That photo was February 7 of this year. Pattie is still shooting, and we plan to go to Pistol League tonight. The pneumonia she had in August and September really knocked her down, and she tires very quickly. Activities with other people kick up her adrenalin and endorphin levels, greatly improving her outlook on being 91.