Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Shoot The Winter Mr. Completely E-Postal Contest!

Danno will be adding scores to this contest until the March contest begins in 2016, but he is going to post the scores that he has up to now, so shoot and send in your targets. Click Here to go to Sand Castle Scrolls for the rules and the target. It's easy to do; you just need a place to shoot, a pistol, and ten rounds of ammunition.  In the video below I even give you advice on tactics for Danno's target, so take a few minutes to see how it goes.  Update!  The bold line around Free Parking is a Miss, not a Minus! I should have read the rules a bit better.

1 comment:

Merle Morrison said...

I've been trying to bum a ride to the range, as I am currently car-less.