Thursday, April 28, 2016

What's A Good Day Worth?

Pattie started shooting when she was 88 years old, and it is an important part of her stroke recovery.  Last summer she had pneumonia, and then she had it again in late winter.  Good days have been hard to come by, but she is fighting her way back as well as she can at almost 92.  I could tell this morning that she was starting a good day.  She has had a couple of good nights sleeping, and she has been eating enough food to bring her weight up a bit, and she is staying hydrated. She had her hair done this morning, and she still felt good when I came home from work.  We went to Pistol League and she shot three rounds with hardly a miss.  Her times aren't as good as last summer, but they are consistent.  For her last round we had her shoot on one plate and she was making all five hits in six seconds, starting from low-ready.

I'd say about a million bucks...

PS: Crossing your thumb is safe on the Ruger Mk III's, and Pattie doesn't shoot any other semi-autos.

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Merle Morrison said...

I'd say the old Nike ads nailed it - PRICELESS!!!