Saturday, November 5, 2016

Big Surprise For The Birthday Girl

Here's the GP 100 that our birthday girl opened up, totally by surprise.  We got an Amazon package, and I opened the bottom, then put her new revolver under the merchandise and carried it in.  Susan had me lift her purchase out of the box for her and then she spotted and pulled out the gray Ruger box.  She knew immediately that Amazon had NOT screwed up her order.

Susan is not accustomed to iron sights. The ten shot .22 came with a fiber optic front sight and a white outlined U rear sight; pretty standard for a Ruger.  I swapped a fiber optic rear sight from another Ruger to make sighting easier for her.  Sighting it in at 25' I was keeping 9 out of 10 shots inside a 1 inch square.  The difficulty I have is cataracts in both eyes and tri-focals.

The trigger pull was smooth, but heavy from the factory.  The Timney gauge goes to 10 pounds, and that would not trip the double-action pull.  I think it was up around 12 pounds.  I bought a set of Wolff springs and made the necessary changes.  The set comes with two reduced strength trigger return springs, and three hammer springs.  I installed the lightest ones first.  The trigger return spring worked fine, but the lightest hammer spring yielded a 60% rate of fire.  The medium spring was installed next, and it set off the CCI .22 LR ammo 80% of the time, so the heaviest Wolff hammer spring was installed.  It sets off the ammo every time, and the double action pull after a careful lube job and many dry fire cyclings is 7 3/4 pounds.

The single action pull is 3 1/4 pounds with the after-market springs.  Another very minor modification that was necessary was dulling the knurling on the left side of the hammer spur.  It was sharp enough to make cocking the gun painful, so I spent a few minutes working on that with a diamond hone.  Susan will be having some good times with this pistol.  She did pretty well on the Postal targets, hitting 3 out of the ten chestnuts on her first time out with it, and I think she will soon be shooting steel plates double action.


Merle Morrison said...

Too bad you didn't video the grand opening. :)


David aka True Blue Sam said...

I didn't want to give it away, but I sure wish I had been able to record it.