Monday, November 28, 2016

Sale Prices At Rifleman Training Targets

Here is a great deal if you have shooters in your family to shop for.  Brian, over at Rifleman Training Targets is knocking off 20% ($30!) , for the price of the Appleseed Qualification Training Target set.

This target set is made of 1/4" AR500 steel, and is water-cut.  This set is meant to be shot with .22 Long Rifle, and the individual target pieces correspond to the 4 points zones on the Appleseed Qualification Target.  When you can reliably hit these targets from the rifleman positions, you should be able to win your Rifleman Patch.

This set of steel targets can be used for serious practice, or just for fun.  Pattie was shooting at 50' with her trusty Ruger pistol, and she can make the big target swing every time.  Brian makes an assortment of targets for shooters, so be sure to click over to his site and follow the links to see his products.

In addition to the AQT set, we have also purchased the big Red Coat Gong, and several 12" gongs. Here, you can see a 12" taking a hit from a .308 JSP round at 50 yards.

Here is the Red Coat Gong being worked over at 100 yards with .22LR and .45 ACP.

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