Sunday, May 7, 2017

Women On Target at the Carmi Rifle Club

Carmi Rifle Club hosted the annual Women On Target workshop on Saturday, May 6, 2017.  The attendees first went through an orientation and safety meeting, then were instructed in rimfire pistol, and shotgun during the morning hours.  In the afternoon they shot a variety of rifles and pistols on the outdoor range.

Mike Rowe is instructing the volunteers during  a break in the action.

The ladies really took to shooting at long range. At the .22 rifle station we had a variety of steel targets up close to get them started, then we moved them out to the 100 yard berm where we had clay pigeons. Every one of the students was popping the clays with no trouble. This activity forces them to follow through, keeping their eyes on the target to catch the bullet splash in the dirt, then adjusting holdover to make the following shots. 

The AK station stayed busy ringing the gong at 100 yards. 

Showing a student how much to hold over for a first shot at the 100 yard clay pigeons.

Jay Armstrong running the Steel Challenge station.

We had a pile of .22 revolvers and semiauto pistols for everyone to try.  Steel targets are really great at events like this. Shooters get instant feedback on every shot and the line doesn't have to shut down for servicing targets until we are finished for the day.

Many thanks to Mike and Valinda Rowe for leading and ramrodding, Christina Armstrong for providing dinner, Dawn Williams for her famous potato salad, and the NRA Foundation for sponsoring this event!

Thanks to Dawn Williams and Sheryl Woodham for these photos!

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