Monday, June 3, 2013

A Blast From Our Past

 A lifetime ago we were small scale beekeepers, but we gave away our active hives about twenty years ago and stashed our leftover equipment in the barn.  The Mrs recently got the hankering to jump back in, and we attended a class to refresh our memories and learn what is new.

Sunday, we drove up to Waterloo to a well respected beekeeper and brought back two nucs with good queens and lots of eggs and brood.  Click to enlarge this photo and you should see the queen with a spot on her back.  These seem to be extremely good-natured bees, who never got cross while we handled them in spite of the cool, cloudy weather.  I was up against the action while our hives were assembled without any protection.  I did make sure before I left home to wear a light colored cap.  Don't ever wear black around beehives.

Susan is going to be the primary beekeeper, but I am getting a new hat and veil so I can do the heavy lifting for her.  The car sure did smell good coming home; bees have a happy smell.

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