Wednesday, November 30, 2016

What Child Is This? Lindsey Stirling

I've Seen The Big Guy Three Times; Still No Pictures



Not The Big Guy

That's the way it goes.  I saw the big one at this spot a month ago, and twice since then.  When all the deer move one way, he goes the other. He is smart and obviously does not want any close calls.  Firearm season starts again Thursday morning, and then we will have Muzzleloading Season.  After that he is home free.  I still hope to get a picture of him. 

You Can't Reason With People Who Believe This Crap

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ruger's Auction To Benefit The Light Foundation

This week we have a good deal that would make a great Christmas present for anyone who loves to shoot.  This is a Ruger P85 Stainless Decocker in 9mm, made in 1990; and it is new-in-box.  These pistols do not bring the inflated collector prices that many of the Rugers bring, so be sure to Click Here and read all about it.  100% of the proceeds of this auction will go to benefit the Light Foundation, and the hammer will fall mid-day, November 30, 2016.  $615

Carol Of The Bells, Mannheim Steamroller

Sunday, November 27, 2016

I'll Be Home For Christmas, Anne Murray

Gotta Feed Them Hogs!

 Back To The Old Grind!

Face Of A Monster

Richland is one of the counties I work in, and I spend quite a bit of time in Olney.  There was an eight year old girl murdered in Olney the night before Thanksgiving.  You can read about it on WFIW.
Sunday News,  Monday News

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving Highlights

We hope that all of our visitors have had a happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day.  Pattie, Susan, and David.

The Schipperke Got Second

We missed this on TV, but we are catching up on YouTube.  The Schip ought to win every time by our way of thinking, but they usually do not.  Oh Well.

Where Ya Gonna Go?

"Didn't do no wrong. He just shot a cop." "Ooh, poor white people!"

We saw a video clip from St. Louis where one of the shooter's friends spoke to the news crew. He said he shooter had been depressed. Does that make it all better?

Firearms Are Being Stolen During Shipment By Rail... Chicago, of all places. And BATFE doesn't want to talk about it.  Report Here. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ruger's Auction To Benefit The Light Foundation

Well, go figure.  Ruger is offering a Convertible Blackhawk in 9mm/.357 Magnum this week, and it is a run-of-the-mill revolver from 1977.  The purchaser back then returned it to the factory for unknown reasons and the gun appears to be in good working condition, with the addition of a U to the serial number to show it is a used gun.  The bidding is above $1000 as we post this, and the suggested retail on a new one in Ruger's catalog is $749.  You could probably buy a new one for around $600, not that I'm telling you how to spend your money.  People are generous and they are running the money up for a good cause.  If you feel like hopping on this bandwagon, CLICK HERE to read all about it and to place your bid.  I am staying out of this one, but I do marvel at the bidding.  People's Good!  This fine single-action Ruger will sell mid-day, November 23, 2016. $1141.51

Monday, November 21, 2016

Tuesday Torque: 1867 Otto-Langen at Coolspring

I do not understand what little I know about this engine.  Flame ignition is mostly a mystery to me, and the workings between the piston and the crankshaft also appear to be a mystery, or magic.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Weekend Steam: Let's Revisit The Old Steam Powered Machine Shop!

Merle wrote and reminded me of this series, which we looked at for a few weeks earlier this year.  This is fascinating stuff, and I think any machinery buff will enjoy this segment.  Be sure to watch to the end because you will see a couple of nice steam engines pulling a sawmill.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Car Dealership Crime Epidemic, From Colin Flaherty

Busy Fall Weekends

The weather has been perfect for working outdoors this fall and our main safety concern is being careful with fire because of wildfire danger.  We have had only two frosts, and the first freeze may hit us during the upcoming weekend.  Pretty good for being over halfway through November. Tonight we still have tree crickets talking to us in the woods.

About that dogwood used as background for the cricket. Many years ago a neighbor lady asked me to get a couple of dogwood trees for her. I am the Tree Guy, aren't I?  I'm not in the business, but she was a nice lady, so I dug a couple of nice young saplings in our woods and brought them to the house. I called her and told her to have her son-in-law come and get them, and to plant them for her. She responded that she wanted me to plant them for her. Mind you, her son-in-law lived right next to her, and she evidently had some problem with asking him to plant them. I told her that getting the dogwoods was on her, and if she didn't get them, I would plant them in our yard. She didn't, and I did. So those trees are named after her.

We have torn out the raised beds in the garden, and tilled up the entire area for a regular, old fashioned garden next year. It was much easier to do the larger area with the tractor than to tear up the raised beds and clean up between them.  We also have the wildflower beds sprayed, mowed, and tilled in preparation for seeding in the early spring.

Firewood is a year-round activity, but we do more of it in the fall and winter. We have been bringing wood to the house from the barn, and putting new wood in the barn to dry. That will be going on nearly every weekend until spring.

The first firearm deer season is this weekend, but I won't be hunting.  My primary activity will be watching for trespassers who think that I keep all the deer on this place.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Complex Dog Mind

We don't give dogs enough credit for their smarts.  Junior regularly communicates wordlessly with me, and Jack has done that, too, since he picked us out in 2008.

Telepathic Jack

Anyway, Jack and I have a routine.  I come home at night and feed him his dog food before I feed the cats, and then I go out and toss a glucosamine dog biscuit and a couple of other treats in his doghouse for him.  I was late getting home the other day, so Susan fed him his kibbles before I got home, but not his treats.  I came home and took care of my cats, then I broke his biscuit in two, grabbed a couple of his treats, and also some kibble.  I went out on the porch and put it all in his food bowl.

Jack came over to his bowl, picked up one of the biscuit halves and stopped.  He stood there with his mouth over his bowl, drooling with his biscuit in his mouth, thinking.  He laid the biscuit down next to his bowl, ate his kibbles, then his treats, and finally his biscuit.  Who knew that a dog could think about the order of eating his food, and saving the favorite piece for last?  He never ceases to amaze me.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ruger's Auction To Benefit The Light Foundation

Boy oh Boy do the collectors want the Ruger .44 Magnum Carbines!  As I post this the bids are up over $2000, and this little rifle will probably remain a safe queen.  Oh well, it's still fun to go take a look, dream, and maybe place a bid.  This rifle was built in 1970, and it has a few minor dings on the stock.  It wears a receiver sight, and is drilled and tapped so you can mount a scope on top of the receiver.  It sells mid-day, November 16, 2016.  100% of the proceeds of this sale will go to benefit the Light Foundation. $2050

Shopping For Antlers?

One of the cameras fried itself, one was stolen last week, but the third one grabbed a few video shots of deer walking by.  The big buck hasn't been captured on a card yet, but I have seen him a few times.  He is magnificent, and I will not be disturbing his hideouts during deer season.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

No, Mr. Bond. I Expect You To Die!

This is from one of the greatest movie moments ever, in Goldfinger.  It came to mind last week when I was going under a laser to have an incision made in my left eye, rather than getting an old fashioned knife.  You don't even know when it happens.  Pretty neat.  Got a new lens in that eye, and I think it is seeing 20/15 again for the first time in years.  The other eye will be getting the same treatment soon.

This is much easier to watch than a video of Intraocular Lens Surgery, which you can find on YouTube if you do a search.  They do the incision, jackhammer up your lens, suck it out, and insert the new lens.  It is all done very quickly, but you will only need to see it once.

Had Enough Pumpkin?

Back To The Old Grind!

Chicago Police Say "Divisive Speech Is Not Acceptable"

You have probably seen the video of the fellow being beaten at an intersection in Chicago.  Here is the report, with the news video that tells more of the story.  He should have stayed in his car, but he did not know he was about to be attacked.  Be aware, think ahead.  ABC 7, WLS, Chicago.

Here is another recent video from Colin Flaherty.  You may not like his message, but you might live longer if you listen to him and make the appropriate changes in your life.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

One Of The Wars Going On In This Country

Colin Flaherty posts daily, and he is worth watching.  Pay attention to the news and you will see it, even if the news-hacks try to sugar coat it. The lady in this news report seems to have learned nothing. Don't be like her; it will get you killed.

Levels Of Intoxication, by Ralfy

Tipsy on two or three or four or FIVE?  Ralfy is stronger than I am.  What would make him only tipsy would have me s**t-faced, I think.  I take plenty of spills when I am out walking, but the forest is usually a soft place to fall.  Falling down sober is embarrassing enough.  His Green Zone and Red Zone don't quite agree with mine, and I need to be able to hop in the car and go at a minute's notice.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Got The Game Cams Out

We have been looking at the deer and now we are getting some photos of them.  I have been watching a mama and her two babies for some time, and we have a good trophy buck that I have seen on a couple occasions.  I don't have a picture of him yet, but here are some from the first week of having the cameras out.

This fella is a respectable deer and he has antlers that would entice many hunters.

Nice size.  He has been tearing up some trees and making some good scrapes and rubs.

We have a big family of mothers and babies with no antlers.

This guy needs to go another year or two.  There are a lot of hunters who would take this deer even though he has not reached maturity.

This deer is kind of like a dumb teenager.  I hope no-one wastes an antler tag on him.  He has some growing up to do.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ruger's Auction To Benefit The Light Foundation

No bargains this week, but Ruger's offering is sure interesting, and it is drawing in the bidders.  This is a Mk II pistol that was part of the run of the final 1000 Mk II pistols.  This one also says Final Production, which makes it even more desirable to collectors.  Click Here to read all about it and to place your bid.  This rare Ruger will sell mid-day, November 9, 2016.  100% of the proceeds of this sale will go to the Light Foundation.  $2005!

Tuesday Torque: The Thrill Of Collecting A Barn Fresh Find

I don't know what country this video is from, but we don't need to know that, or understand the language to see what is going on here, and what it means to everyone.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Tuesday Torque: Model T Tractor Kit

You are liable to see Model T tractors if you hang out at engine shows.  There were kits that used complete cars so you could swap back to your car for trips to town, and ones like this that made  the changes permanent.  I think they would be boiling over regularly, and the rods probably got to rattlling, too. Plowing with one bottom looks like a slow job.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Don't Be Too Caught Up In Your Work!

Back To The Old Grind!

Crankin' It Up: My Buddy, From 1922

We pulled a new one out of the cabinet, and it's a good one for Veterans' Day.  My Buddy is a sentimental song that was popular with with WWI vets during the 1920's, and fifty years later it was featured in All In The Family when Archie Bunker sang it.  The men who fought in World War II heard this song during the years they were growing up, so it became an important sentimental song for them, too.  This record is a violin solo, and it's a good one.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Not My Victrola: Yes Sir! That's My Baby, Ben Bernie

A great song from 1925 by one of my Dad's favorite bands.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Weekend Steam: Ingenious, Beautiful Miniatures

Merle sent the link to me for this video.  These are cute little engines, and could be built by just about anyone who wants a small model engine for entertainment.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Susan's Birthday

We celebrated another birthday recently, mostly by working outdoors in the unusually pleasant fall weather that just won't quit.  I was looking at some old snapshots and ran across this one that I had not seen before.

Susan, on another birthday, down on the Hinkson in her first year at Mizzou.  We would meet about a year after this photo.  I wonder the same thing her mother does; what the heck did she ever see in me?

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Natural Points Of Aim Matter

I was a little sloppy when I shot the Postal target with pistols and I shot a four and a three.  That's not bad, but I was muscling in the sights and I should have used Natural Point Of Aim to at least center up the windage for each nut before I squeezed off.  I wobble enough it might not have mattered, but it matters more when you move out to 25 yards and shoot with a rifle.  I lined up on the top left nut, squeezed off; and missed high and left.  I was shooting with my elbows on the bench and using a hasty sling for steadiness, but when you break that trigger the rifle will drift toward your natural point of aim before the bullet leaves the barrel.  If that spot is somewhere other than your intended target, you will miss.  I adjusted my position for the remaining nine nuts, breathed, paused and shot, and made all of them.

These nuts are just a little bigger than a 1 inch circle, so at 25 yards you just need the ability to shoot into 4 minutes of angle to make a respectable score.  With a pistol at 25 feet you need to be able to hold your shots inside of 12 minutes of angle.  These numbers have been my guide behind putting these targets together.  If you make the required minutes less than those you make the target more about luck than good shooting technique.  You should utilize NPOA for pistols, too.  Adjust your stance so your windage is dead on the center, and then adjust your grip and holding method so your elevation wants to center vertically.  I use a close-in hold with my left forearm on my chest when I am shooting .22 pistols, and it keeps me closer to the center of the target than shooting with my arms extended.  I do the same thing when I shoot a rifle offhand, and also use the sling to tighten up my hold.

I enjoy watching Hickok shoot his gong at 80 yards, and he can hit it with just about any pistol he tries.  Do the math.  It is a 24" gong at 80 yards; that is 30 minutes of angle.  At 25 feet where we have been shooting our e-Postal targets, that is equivalent to a 2.5" circle. You all have been hitting 1" circles at that distance with your pistols, so you could do the same as Hickok with ease after you learn your holdover for the relatively slow pistol bullets.

You can go to the Label section of this blog, bring up the e-Postal matches, download the targets still out there on the Internet, (All of mine are there.) and relive all the good times we had here shooting against each other.  Make up your own rules for shooting them and keep up your shooting skills.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ruger's Auction To Benefit The Light Foundation

Ruger is offering a rare one this week.  It is a P89 Manual Safety Convertible.  This pistol has the .30 Luger barrel installed, and a 9mm barrel is included.  This model was made for only one year.  CLICK HERE to read the entire description and to place your bid.  This rare firearm will sell mid-day, Wednesday, November 2, 2016.  100% of the proceeds of this auction will go to benefit the Light Foundation.  $1525

Olney FFA Forestry Team Takes Third Place!

The Olney FFA Forestry Team took first place out our local meet in September, held at Sam Dale Lake State Park.  They went to the State Contest at SIU in Carbondale and took first place there, too.

That win sent them to the National Contest at Indianapolis where 39 top teams from all over the country competed.  Olney won third place there, which is pretty darn impressive.  They also won first place in a team activity event.  It looks like each contestant won a neat little hatchet as a reward for their hard work.  I bet they will treasure those the rest of their lives.  Congratulations to these excellent students, and to their FFA teacher, Jamie VanDyke.

November Rose