Monday, March 27, 2023

Hey Kids, How Many Buzzards Can You Find?

 I see three! This Spring we have two nesting pairs of turkey vultures in our outbuildings. Good Times!

We are really pleased to see our red-headed friends come back from the Rio Grande. 

Here You Go! (Click the picture.)

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Illinois Is A Cluster Migraine

 Illinois passed an "assault weapon" law in January, and multiple lawsuits are being used to fight it. We will have to wait and see what happens. This video shows one of the effects of the law. Even a basic Ruger 10/22 is illegal. (and much, much more) Click it over to YouTube to read the comments. Many here in Illinois have not studied the law enough to understand the consequences. Most County Sheriffs say that they will not enforce this law, but the IL State Police are forging ahead, and are targeting small gun shops around the state. Pritzker drove half of the FFLs out of business a couple years ago and now he is going after the rest. 

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Weekend Steam II: Steamers Pull The Sled!

 This is a great one Merle! A repro Holt crawler, and I have never heard of it! Holt and Best are California brands, and a long way from the brands I grew up around. Click The Screen Shot for the video on YouTube.

Weekend Steam: Sir Nigel Gresley

 Recently overhauled, there are some great videos of this beautiful engine. Many Thanks to Merle for spotting it!

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

New Foster

We picked up Rufus yesterday. His owner passed away a couple weeks ago. Midwest Schipperke Rescue made arrangements to take over Rufus' care and placement to a new home. He is still traumatized. He was taken from his familiar surroundings and was neutered, vaccinated, and had a dental done with eight extractions. His unkempt toenails were trimmed while he was out for his surgery. He is well housebroken, and sleeps through the night. He has several cushy beds to choose from and his own private dog yard for his frequent walks. He will be seeing our vet for some bloodwork and evaluation. He is at least eight years old, probably more. He is a sweet little boy. 

One of Midwest's volunteers picked him up in northern Indiana and brought him to Illinois. Dog rescue cannot happen without good volunteers. 


Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Cleaning Iron Skillets And Pots

I saw my dad do this many years ago to clean iron that was too crusted to scrub. We accumulated a bunch of skillets, Dutch ovens and pots over the years and decided it was time to do something with them. A good bed of coals does most of the work, so this is a job to do during the day when you can let the fire burn down a bit. Put in some iron, open the draft, and ignore it for an hour or two. We like to scrub the pots with stainless chain mail and dish soap, then Susan rubs them with lard and seasons them in a warm oven.  

Daffodils Just Keep Going!

 This has been a stellar early spring for the daffodils. They have stayed pretty for weeks; much longer than usual. 

Monday, March 20, 2023

Tuesday Torque: Iowa-80 Trucking Museum

 Merle found a good place....Many Thanks, Merle! There are many videos of this museum at Walcott, Iowa. They are also on Facebook.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Widowmakers From The Road

 I am seeing lots of widowmakers along the road. Emerald ash borer is the cause of many, and I have started taking photos. They are everywhere, and going into McLeansboro we look at an entire ash tree that is set to fall into Highway 242. Carry your chainsaw with you.

Back To The Old Grind!

Had Enough Winter?

 Forty Two feet of snow up there in the Sierras this winter. Makes our Arctic breezes and flurries seem kinda pitiful. We really should be seeing morels now instead of snow pellets! Thanks, Merle, for telling us about the Donner Pass videos!

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

What I Think Of.... Patti putting all of these daffodils in the ground one fall. I was making holes, Patti was planting, while sitting on the ground, and Susan was finishing and firming each bulb. The ground was dry and almost brick-hard. This was Patti's project, and it made the World a brighter place. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

They Are Keeping An Eye On Us!

If we make too much noise with the dogs the owls will fly off the nest, but they stay close and wait for us to leave.


Monday, March 13, 2023

Tuesday Torque: Two Nice Moguls At Rollag

 These two IHC Moguls were on display September 2022 at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers' Reunion.  These are high-end engines, and most farmers opted for less expensive options to power machines around the farm. 

Well Dang.

 We did not handle the time change well. Maybe this will make up for it with you.

Back To The Old Grind!

Friday, March 10, 2023

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Bucking Badly


The big rule of thumb for bucking cuts is to cut into the compressed side first, and finish on the tensioned side. We cut one wrong here to show what happens. You can split a log easily by bucking badly. Dope out each cut you make to avoid being stuck or splitting a good log.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Barred Owls Coo!

 We have a great time hooting and doing howler monkey calls with our barred owls, and now they are also cooing to each other in our back yard. We have been hearing this talk for some time, and we suspected it was the owls. Now we have confirmed it. It is fun to have the birds around!

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Work Easier With Wedges

 Take a load off your arms and back when bucking a big log that is compressed on top. It's not laziness; it saves wear and tear on the body, and keeps you working safely and effectively.

Please pardon the fur hanging into the top of the screen when the camera is zoomed wide. We got a new microphone and a wind sock that looks like it is made from a possum. We will fix the problem for sure! The new mike does sound good!

Monday, March 6, 2023

Tuesday Torque: Two Nice Ones At Alapahoochee Engine Show, Georgia

Mike's Engines posted this nice video of two of his engines The Peerless side shaft and Gade 2 HP are both desirable old engines for any collection.  Thanks for spotting this one, Merle!

Today, Clean And Lube!

 I helped at a concealed carry class this past weekend. We had eight students, many whom had never handled a pistol. At the end of the class they have to shoot thirty rounds total from 15, 20, and 30 feet. Five of students scored 299 out of 300 possible on their targets.  Pretty darned good!

                                                                  Back To The Old Grind!

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Had A Big Wind...

 It blew down a lot of wood, and a few dead trees. This ash is dead, of course, and it also had a low fork that had died and introduced rot into the stump area. You can't see it in the photo, but that wood is softer than normal; a bit punky. Thinking back to Forest Patholgy, there are two main types of wood rotting fungi; brown rot, and white rot. I guess this one is white, because you can't see it in the white wood. You can see a couple of bud scales from red maple on the stump. Everything is getting ready to pop!

Revisiting A Wounded Pecan Tree

 Going back a few years, one of our hunter friends nailed a sapling pecan tree in our woods in December 2014. I left a target for him to use and he found that his sights were WAY off. No venison for him! I stopped the other day and took a couple photos of that tree, and it has closed up the wound. It is overtopped by a cypress and a silver maple, so those are going to exit stage left. By the time this tree is a sawlog, you won't be able to tell that the cobb has a hole in it!

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

B & O Railroad Museum Roundhouse Roof Collapse Twenty Years Later

Susan, Zeke and I visited the B & O Museum in 1999. Somehow, we missed this catastrophe when it happened. The restoration is remarkable.


Tuesday Torque: Ruston Hornsby 98 HP Twin Cylinder

 Simons Museum is a great place that Merle found. Some of their videos are on Instagram, some are on Facebook, and some are on YouTube. Trying to get an embed code that works from Facebook or Instagram is an exercise in futility, but here is a good one from YouTube! Thank You, Merle!

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Wear Your Hard Hat!

 Look Quick! Something is always waiting to get you. Wear your personal protective equipment when you are running a chainsaw. Even for little stuff!  Watch how it knocks the chain off the bar.

Back To The Old Grind!

Weekend Steam II: A Snowy Short

 NYMR SR S15 Number 825 Greene King in the Snow  Many Thanks, Merle!

Friday, February 24, 2023

Weekend Steam: A Sad One, Weyerhauser 2-6-6-2

 Thank You, Merle! Idle for nearly fifty years. Click the YouTube logo to read the writeup. 

Mechanical Challenge! Barn Fresh Oilfield Engine

You don't find many Barn Fresh engines nowadays, but this is a good one. Always undercover, and he has it running in short order.


Thursday, February 23, 2023

Diesels In Death Throes

 There is some dramatic video here! These very likely are due to failure of seals in turbo or superchargers, allowing lubricating oil to be blown into the combustion chambers.

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Phantom Doggie Mystery Solved


We have been getting nighttime photos of a canine for many months, and at first I thought it might be a coyote, but it's a dog. A coyote would not be so predictable. We finally got a daytime photo, courtesy of one of our hunters. It's a happy little fellow. Now we need to find the owner. He isn't causing any problems other than marking on the dog yard fence, which really sets of our dogs when they go out.

Thursday, February 16, 2023

How're Ya Fixed For Files/

 Tap your file down frequently and brush it to knock chips out, and replace it when it no longer cuts well. File straight, so your top edge is correct. Watch your side angle. You should be pressing straight into the gullet as you stroke. Run your file too high and your chain won't cut well. Run it too low and the teeth will be grabby. Check your depth gauges so you get a good bite. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Forked Firewood: Think Before You Swing A Maul!

That wonky wood between the forks is a tough nut to crack if you split by hand. Work your way around it to save your breath and frustration. Better yet, get a hydraulic splitter before you wreck your elbows!

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Makin' Wood!

 I am really shocked by the moisture content of these trees. We have been checking them after splitting and they are running 15%. We can put them right into the stove and they light and burn. We are hoping to store a bunch of this wood in the barn as a hedge against emergency wood cutting!

I am glad to have good weather for a few days. I was back in the woods to drop more ash trees. We got a load home, split it and stacked it, and checked the moisture. These trees are running 15% moisture right off the stump, so we are stacking at the house and saving the dry wood in the barn. The 359 began misbehaving, not wanting to idle down, and I found that a bunch of dust from these dry trees was under the cover. I blew it out and then the throttle would click back to idle.

Not Prevention, Not A Cure, Worse Than The Disease....

Monday, February 13, 2023

Tuesday Torque: Galloping Goose

 The Rio Grande Southern built these in the 1930s. Thanks for spotting, Merle!

Busy Start To The Week

 This morning we had a vet appointment, then we stacked wood. I went back to the woods, cut another load, brought it home, and we split and stacked it. We checked the moisture content of the ash trees we are cutting, and they are right at 15% from the stump. Back To The Old Grind!

Annual Valentine Song Festival! You Are The Song, Arlo Guthrie and the University Of Kentucky Orchestra

I hope all of our Internet friends have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Thank You for visiting!

Friday, February 10, 2023

Toby Is Retiring To Florida!

 Today we took Toby to Lambert Field in St. Louis to meet his new papa. Toby was a quick turnaround, with just two weeks in our home. Midwest Schipperke Rescue made Toby a Lifer because of his age; there was no adoption fee.  The kind people who adopt rescued dogs are special, and become like family to the foster parents. We have adopters as far away as Denver, Houston, Detroit, Chesapeake Bay, Chattanooga, and now Florida. Good People!

Weekend Steam: Tractor Races Locomotive

 Steam Wins, Steam Wins!  Thank You, Merle!

Annual Valentine Song Festival! At Last, Etta James

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Bad Idea Falling Cut

 When I was working in Kentucky, many of the loggers had an odd method of match cutting the trees they felled, and they usually called it stump-jumping. Match cutting is used in bucking logs and making pruning cuts. You make a cut on the compressed side until the kerf begins to close, and then you cut on the tensioned side, causing the two sides to part. It is not a good idea for falling a tree, though many do it. A match cut gives the tree no guidance and it will fall where gravity and wind take it. The idea of the method they called stump jumping was to create a V match cut on the stump. The V is supposed to act like a knee joint and let the tree fall with a bit of guidance.

I have watched this cut being made and there is little that is predictable about the path the tree takes. It can pop sideways, spin, or jump back. A hinge is a darn important safety device when you cut a tree. It guides the tree in the direction you want it to fall and it keeps the butt of the log anchored to the stump until hinge failure when the face cut closes. 

I was surprised to see this reminder of a bad idea in McLeansboro the other day. Maybe this ash tree was taken down from the top and this was just part of the final cleanup. I hope so, but I have seen that many of the bucket truck tree trimmers do not understand the safest ways of falling a tree.

Annual Valentine Song Festival! These Foolish Things, Rudy Vallee

Monday, February 6, 2023

Tuesday Torque: 50 HP Superior Oilfield Engine

 This looks to be a 2-stroke engine with a crosshead, and the displacement cylinder is the tail end of the power cylinder, much like the Bessemer oilfield engines. This guy is seriously in need of blocking, but I bet he has that figured out!  Many Thanks, Merle, for spotting this one!

Annual Valentine Song Festival! Gentle On My Mind, Glenn Campbell

Sunday, February 5, 2023

Quick Turnaround

 Toby came to us just a couple weeks ago and he will be moving on to a new home in a few days. He's an old boy at 14, and his people had to go to assisted living, and he came into Midwest Schipperke Rescue. He might be a Schip mix, or a Pom; we are not sure. He is a good little boy and will adjust well to a new home.

                                                               Back To The Old Grind!

Annual Valentine Song Festival: Come Down My Evening Star, Joan Morris and William Bolcom

Friday, February 3, 2023

Weekend Steam: Ten Wheeler....Somewhere...Is It Russia?

 Merle found a really good channel with engines we have never seen. Is it in Russia? I don't know, but I am sure someone will know.  The channel has fewer than 100 subscribers, so click over there and help them by subscribing.  Many Thanks, Merle!

Annual Valentine Song Festival: Smiles, and Whispering...

The end of eras (Ragtime, pathetic ballads, minstrel songs), and the beginning of the Roaring Twenties. 

Smiles, Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra: 

Whispering, Paul Whiteman's Ambassador Orchestra:

My favorite recording of Whispering, The Comedian Harmonists:

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Dry Wood From The Barn

 We have been going through the wood with the cold spells this winter. We like to run the stove in the basement when the temps get down in the twenties and colder, and we have a foster dog downstairs to keep warm. That doubles the amount of wood going up the chimney. Warmer temps are coming in a few days and I will be out in the woods again bringing in more dry ash wood. 

Annual Valentine Song Festival! Passionate Kisses, Mary Chapin Carpenter

Sunday, January 29, 2023

So Many With Chainsaws...

So Few With Skills....

                                                                Back To The Old Grind!

A quick rundown. The hinge should be about 80% of the tree's diameter at breast height, and should be on the side of the tree where it is falling. Placing it back gets rid of all of your leverage if you need to use wedges to push the tree over.  The thickness of the hinge should be up to 1/10 of the diameter of the tree. You see no hinge wood at all on this stump. The back of the hinge should be level with the front of the hinge. The taller you make the hinge, the greater the risk of it failing from twisting as the tree goes over. The back cut should normally be made perpendicular to the bole of the tree. That is normally horizontal. You will hear people tell you straight-faced that they angle the back cut so the stump can push up on the tree. Call me if you ever see a stump reach up and push. What that angled cut can do is allow the butt of the log scoot down and out, leaving no hinge to guide the tree, and totally change the balance of the tree. A tree that was balanced forward can be changed 180 degrees, and drop on your head as you try to get away. 

Anon: I think it originally looked like these stumps.

Annual Valentine Song Festival: Bicycle Built For Two, Nat King Cole

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Long Time, No See


Susan and I took a little detour this week to look at a tree planting project that I hadn't seen since its first year.  It looks pretty good.

I remember meeting with the landowner at his shop after he picked up his seedlings. He told me he was going to put them in his pond for a few days before he planted. Whoa! I got that straightened out, and went over seedling prep and care. 

I delivered a tree planting machine first thing the next day, and he had a small crew working on his seedlings. One guy was winding roots up tight in pigtails so he could plant them easily. Whoa, again! How do people think of such ideas?  Got that straightened out, too.

I just checked the acreage on Google and it is about 18.5, so they planted about 8100 trees. The cedars you see are volunteers, and they are good for migrating birds and other wildlife in need of a little shelter. It looks pretty darn good.


Annual Valentine Song Festival! It Had To Be You, Frank Sinatra

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Burns' Birthday!

Robert W. Service wrote all kinds of poems. Sad poems, funny poems, thrilling and thoughtful poems. It is a crime that English teachers in the U.S. of A provide only a few samples of his work that he turned out during his time in the Yukon. Every year at this time, The Haggis of Private McPhee is running through my mind. It is a thrilling tale, and the experiences of McPhee and McPhun are all too real pictures of the Western Front. It might even bring a tear to your eyes. 

 The Haggis of Private McPhee

"Hae ye heard whit ma auld mither's postit tae me?
It fair makes me hamesick," says Private McPhee.
"And whit did she send ye?" says Private McPhun,
As he cockit his rifle and bleezed at a Hun.
"A haggis! A HAGGIS!" says Private McPhee;
"The brawest big haggis I ever did see.
And think! it's the morn when fond memory turns
Tae haggis and whisky -- the Birthday o' Burns.

We maun find a dram; then we'll ca' in the rest
O' the lads, and we'll hae a Burns' Nicht wi' the best."

"Be ready at sundoon," snapped Sergeant McCole;
"I want you two men for the List'nin' Patrol."
Then Private McPhee looked at Private McPhun:
"I'm thinkin', ma lad, we're confoundedly done."
Then Private McPhun looked at Private McPhee:
"I'm thinkin' auld chap, it's a' aff wi' oor spree."
But up spoke their crony, wee Wullie McNair:
"Jist lea' yer braw haggis for me tae prepare;
And as for the dram, if I search the camp roun',
We maun hae a drappie tae jist haud it doon.
Sae rin, lads, and think, though the nicht it be black,
O' the haggis that's waitin' ye when ye get back."

My! but it wis waesome on Naebuddy's Land,
And the deid they were rottin' on every hand.
And the rockets like corpse candles hauntit the sky,
And the winds o' destruction went shudderin' by.
There wis skelpin' o' bullets and skirlin' o' shells,
And breengin' o' bombs and a thoosand death-knells;
But cooryin' doon in a Jack Johnson hole
Little fashed the twa men o' the List'nin' Patrol.
For sweeter than honey and bricht as a gem
Wis the thocht o' the haggis that waitit for them.

Yet alas! in oor moments o' sunniest cheer
Calamity's aften maist cruelly near.
And while the twa talked o' their puddin' divine
The Boches below them were howkin' a mine.
And while the twa cracked o' the feast they would hae,
The fuse it wis burnin' and burnin' away.
Then sudden a roar like the thunner o' doom,
A hell-leap o' flame . . . then the wheesht o' the tomb.

"Haw, Jock! Are ye hurtit?" says Private McPhun.
"Ay, Geordie, they've got me; I'm fearin' I'm done.
It's ma leg; I'm jist thinkin' it's aff at the knee;
Ye'd best gang and leave me," says Private McPhee.
"Oh leave ye I wunna," says Private McPhun;
"And leave ye I canna, for though I micht run,
It's no faur I wud gang, it's no muckle I'd see:
I'm blindit, and that's whit's the maitter wi' me."
Then Private McPhee sadly shakit his heid:

"If we bide here for lang, we'll be bidin' for deid.
And yet, Geordie lad, I could gang weel content
If I'd tasted that haggis ma auld mither sent."
"That's droll," says McPhun; "ye've jist speakit ma mind.
Oh I ken it's a terrible thing tae be blind;
And yet it's no that that embitters ma lot --
It's missin' that braw muckle haggis ye've got."

For a while they were silent; then up once again
Spoke Private McPhee, though he whussilt wi' pain:
"And why should we miss it? Between you and me
We've legs for tae run, and we've eyes for tae see.
You lend me your shanks and I'll lend you ma sicht,
And we'll baith hae a kyte-fu' o' haggis the nicht."

Oh the sky it wis dourlike and dreepin' a wee,
When Private McPhun gruppit Private McPhee.
Oh the glaur it wis fylin' and crieshin' the grun',
When Private McPhee guidit Private McPhun.
"Keep clear o' them corpses -- they're maybe no deid!
Haud on! There's a big muckle crater aheid.
Look oot! There's a sap; we'll be haein' a coup.
A staur-shell! For Godsake! Doun, lad, on yer daup.
Bear aff tae yer richt. . . . Aw yer jist daein' fine:
Before the nicht's feenished on haggis we'll dine."

There wis death and destruction on every hand;
There wis havoc and horror on Naebuddy's Land.
And the shells bickered doun wi' a crump and a glare,
And the hameless wee bullets were dingin' the air.
Yet on they went staggerin', cooryin' doun
When the stutter and cluck o' a Maxim crept roun'.
And the legs o' McPhun they were sturdy and stoot,
And McPhee on his back kept a bonnie look-oot.
"On, on, ma brave lad! We're no faur frae the goal;
I can hear the braw sweerin' o' Sergeant McCole."

But strength has its leemit, and Private McPhun,
Wi' a sab and a curse fell his length on the grun'.
Then Private McPhee shoutit doon in his ear:
"Jist think o' the haggis! I smell it from here.
It's gushin' wi' juice, it's embaumin' the air;

It's steamin' for us, and we're -- jist -- aboot -- there."
Then Private McPhun answers: "Dommit, auld chap!
For the sake o' that haggis I'll gang till I drap."
And he gets on his feet wi' a heave and a strain,
And onward he staggers in passion and pain.
And the flare and the glare and the fury increase,
Till you'd think they'd jist taken a' hell on a lease.
And on they go reelin' in peetifu' plight,
And someone is shoutin' away on their right;
And someone is runnin', and noo they can hear
A sound like a prayer and a sound like a cheer;
And swift through the crash and the flash and the din,
The lads o' the Hielands are bringin' them in.

"They're baith sairly woundit, but is it no droll
Hoo they rave aboot haggis?" says Sergeant McCole.
When hirplin alang comes wee Wullie McNair,
And they a' wonnert why he wis greetin' sae sair.
And he says: "I'd jist liftit it oot o' the pot,
And there it lay steamin' and savoury hot,
When sudden I dooked at the fleech o' a shell,
And it -- dropped on the haggis and dinged it tae hell."

And oh but the lads were fair taken aback;
Then sudden the order wis passed tae attack,
And up from the trenches like lions they leapt,
And on through the nicht like a torrent they swept.
On, on, wi' their bayonets thirstin' before!
On, on tae the foe wi' a rush and a roar!
And wild to the welkin their battle-cry rang,
And doon on the Boches like tigers they sprang:
And there wisna a man but had death in his ee,
For he thocht o' the haggis o' Private McPhee.

Annual Valentine Song Festival: I Only Want To Be With You, Nicolette Larson

Here you go, John! We are just trying to mix it up a bit year to year!

Monday, January 23, 2023

Annual Valentine Song Festival: Stardust, Hoagy Carmichael

Tuesday Torque: Pony Motor For A Big Bessemer Engine

 I am sorta surprised we don't see more gadgets like this one. I know that some oilfield pumpers have contraptions they can use to crank recalcitrant Fairbanks engines, though most of them spin the flywheels the old fashioned way. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Driving The Dogs Nuts!

 This squirrel, along with his playmates has been taunting the Schips, and they have been sucked into the game. I hope the squirrel doesn't get too cocky, because I don't want fleas on our dogs!

Annual Valentine Song Festival! Blue Eyes, Elton John

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Annual Valentine Song Festival! Lovesick Blues, Hank Williams

Nitrogen Tanker Truck Mystery Solved!

 There has been a parade of nitrogen tankers in and out on our county road. We kept our ears to the ground and finally found out what is going on. The coal mine has (had?) a fire, and nitrogen is used to extinguish underground fires. They must continue putting nitrogen down the hole until the burned area has cooled so that it won't re-kindle.

New Hi-Point 10 mm! You Need One....

 ...because it is illegal in Illinois. If Chicago politicians don't like it, it must be good! It is a great product, made by Americans, for Americans! All of the video reviews I have seen so far show this new model to be a reliable firearm at a great price.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Bankers, Postal Workers, Givernment Employees...

 ...Don't hook up; you can sleep in. Everybody else, Back To The Old Grind!

Annual Valentine Song Festival! Ain't We Got Fun!

 In 1921 the Twenties weren't quite roaring yet. This song held up for many years, but I doubt that Millenials have even heard of it. Our shellac copy sounds a bit better than this record, but it does have lots of honest wear. The favorites were played hard and they didn't necessarily get a new needle for every play.

Mystery Trucks In Our Neighborhood

 We keep seeing these nitrogen tankers on the county road and it took a while for us to find out what was going on.

A coal mine fire! The trucks are off loading to a tank and nitrogen is sent in a temporary pipeline to a borehole into the mine. We have been told that the fire is out, but nitrogen continues to be sent down to cool the burned area until it will not be able to rekindle.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

"Just Out Of Harm's Way"

 We really like August Hunicke and are learning from him, but I am going to keep my feet on the ground!

Sixty-Seven And Counting....

 Don't hold your breath waiting for the IL State Police to make a statement in favor of the Constitutions of the United States and Illinois.

Mechanical Music At A Whole Different Level

 Tuning and maintaining one of these would be well beyond the abilities of most owners.