Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Is Your Old Nu-Tone Fan Running Slow?

These old fans seem to run forever, but eventually you will hear them struggling to come up to speed.  Don't torture these fine little fans by running them on dry bearings; take them down and oil them.  When you take the cover off yourfan, you will find that you unplug the fan and loosen some screws to take it down.

Put a finger over the little washer as you work it off, or you will be looking for it on your shop floor.

It's a brushless motor in a can.

Use a screwdriver and a small hammer to push the indents back.

Pop one of the endplates loose. 

There is a thin washer that goes between the felt and the bearing.  Capture it with a small screwdriver...

...and slip it back over the motor shaft.

Oil the bearing and soak up the wick.  Replace this end and repeat on the other end of the motor.

Put it all back together and test the motor before you stick it back in the ceiling.  Mr. C's Super Sekrit Gun Oil is super slick, and really hangs onto parts.  Use it straight, or add it to your favorite electric motor oil for some Super Sekrit enhancement.

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