Sunday, June 23, 2013

Never Pass A Place...

                              visit a rest stop, or words to that effect, because a fellow might need to take... a rest.  On a recent trip home from Iowa I was feeling great and zipped right by a convenient stop at Hannibal because Troy was just over an hour ahead, and I didn't need to stop.

Then, I started getting sleepy.  I chugged a coffee; then I chugged another coffee; then a Water Joe.  I woke up, because I now needed a rest stop!  No problem; 45 minutes, tops.  Oops, an alligator in the road.  Some trucker up ahead is having problems.  Then, the traffic bunched up and crawled to a stop.

Five miles in an hour.  I finally passed the unfortunate parties that bumped into each other when the remains of the left rear tire let go.  I made it to the Troy Wal-Store in better shape than the guys who met by accident, and I don't intend to pass through Hannibal without stopping again.

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