Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Remember Pine Ridge Jack?

Our good friend Jack, of Cisne, Illinois has won the top spot in the Cattle Baron Class (over 70) at the State Single Action Shooting Society Championship, held at Sparta, Illinois last weekend.  Jack shot ten stages in two days, with 24 or 28 shots per stage, and missed only three plates.  Jack told me that he wasn't worried about a couple of competitors, but he had to shoot hard every stage to beat two that were pretty good.  Well, they aren't quite as good as you, Jack!  Good Shooting!

Jack lives on the same farm where he was born 77 years ago; and produces row crops, cattle, and basset hounds.  He has a little firearm business on the side to pay for his Cowboy Shooting hobby, and he is my go-to when I need a firearm transferred in or out of Illinois.  Jack is a pretty good gunsmith, as was his daddy before him, and every hour you spend with him talking about guns is a priceless education.  Congratulations on the new belt buckle, Jack!

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