Thursday, June 6, 2013

Should'a Done A Little More Calculatin'

It seemed like a good idea.  Susan's Mom hasn't had a good appetite since her stroke, and was doing a lot of picking at her food instead of eating.  We had her do a weigh-in, and she was down to 92 pounds; not good.  We started taking her out to eat at least once every weekend, and she will clean her plate at a restaurant.  We've been hitting KFC, Long John's, barbecue places, even Taco Tierra in Fairfield, and it worked!  She was up to 97 the last time she weighed.  I checked my weight, and I have picked up 6 pounds during the same period.  Gotta fine tune this idea a bit.

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Lovely that you're taking her out to eat. I always have high regards with people who really cares and are concerned with older people. Just take time to exercise to lose the weight you've earned while dining her out. Cheers!

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