Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wedging On The Edge

 I was asked to tip this tree over, because it was weighted heavily toward some improvements, and the site staff was nervous about cutting it themselves.  A large limb threw the weight exactly opposite the way we wanted this tree to go, and the top had to be swung over about seven feet to reach the balance point. The face cut revealed that the tree had begun to rot, and the entire width of the hinge was punky with white rot. Normally, the hinge in this tree would handle about ten feet of back lean/weight, but the rot lessened that by an unknown amount. Everyone stayed well back while I drove the wedges, and if you listen closely you will hear fibers popping as I hammer. All's well that ends well, and everyone involved learned a bit more about limits in handling back weight. I got to leave after the tree was on the ground, and the grounds crew got to clean up all that wood.

Note at the end how widow-makers rain down around the stump.  Always get away from the stump when the tree tips.

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