Friday, May 16, 2014

Crankin' It Up

Here are a couple of fairly decent early Victor 7" discs from my little stack of early treasures.  These are from 1900 and 1901.  You can hear more of Banjoist Vess Ossman on

Turkey In The Straw has been in the news again because someone is all offended about it being a racist song. (The tune also goes by "Old Zip Coon", and it was performed in minstrel shows a long time ago.) It actually pre-dates all of that, and it's only as racist as you want it to be; and "Turkey In The Straw" is a fun song to sing if you know it. But, if you want to get all exercised, here's Vess Ossman performing "Turkey In The Straw Medley" with "Arkansas Traveller", and starting out with "Dixie"! Yep, "Turkey In The Straw" even MORE racist. Wish I had my own copy of this record...

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