Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ladders and Chainsaws Do Not Mix!

 Language Alert right after the guy goes flying.

Ladders ( I think.) are the second most dangerous tool in  our garages, and chainsaws are Number One.  This poor fellow climbed a ladder to do a task that should be done by a tree climber, or someone with a bucket truck.  He also made a cut with the saw held in one hand, and that is just asking for a kickback to put the saw back in your face.  I hope he takes a remedial class after he is healed up.


Joel T. said...

Why isn't the fool dropping the tree first? Unless the limb was damaged or diseased, I see no reason to be up there.

Famous last words:
"Just one more."
"Here, hold my beer."
"Betcha I can."
"Watch this."

Like you alluded to, maybe that knocked some sense into him.

Kevin said...

"911 or not?"

She had to ask?

David aka True Blue Sam said...

I guess that she's never fallen off a ladder...

I read an old newspaper account about a traction engine boiler explosion. A young man was on the engine platform when it blew. His last words were "I was above the trees."