Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Worthington Tractor!

 We showed a little teaser of this tractor, and now it's time to let you see the whole thing.

The model name is on the grill; it's a Chief!

 Duals for handling heavy loads.  There is a lot of iron hanging on the front end to counterbalance the oilfield engines this tractor handled.

 Definitely not a factory installation.  I wonder how many fingers this setup took during its working life.

Believe it or not, the engine is not stuck.  It was started a year ago, and the carburetor is off for a cleaning right now.

Not very pretty, but it would be a great little putt-putt for touring a gas engine show.

The gas gauge is on empty.  Ask for a fillup if you make a deal on this ride.  It's in rural Edwards County, Illinois.

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Anonymous said...

The construction reminds me of what we called "field hoopies" back in the day. They are a home built "thing" and usually were made from a truck that would no longer pass inspection. Adding a second transmission gave the gear reduction necessary for good pulling power. Not pretty, but they are cheap & would do the job.