Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Always Passing It On

 While we cut trees the other day, a chainsaw newbie was with us, so everything we did became a lesson.  She didn't know what was coming...

Crank it up, and start cutting!  Aim completed, and a clean open face-cut was made.

  That first bore-cut is an unreal experience.  Use your knees to push that saw. One steering correction and she had it done successfully,

and punched it from the other side with no problem.  She already has her knee behind her hand for power.

On target; on the ground...

...and cleaning up without rocking the saw.

Here is one of our problem trees.  It had a split, lots of dead wood, and plenty of rot.  Don't let a successful drop make you think you're good.  Size them up and know where they want to fall, and where you need to be in order to be safe.  Trees like this one are anxious to get down, and they don't care if you are under them.

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