Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dropping A School Marm

School marms have a well deserved reputation for being dangerous trees to cut.  They tend to break apart, or go in directions you don't want, so when you have the honors of tackling one, you walk around and assess it from a few different angles.  This one turned out to be easy.
The sapwood on this tree was rotted and falling off, but the heartwood was solid all the way through.  The base was tall and the two halves appeared to be well attached.  The aiming was done by finding the spot where both stems lay in the same plane.  Luckily, there was hardly any side lean at that spot. The tree was pretty well balanced fore and aft, and I didn't know if it would go by itself, so I set wedges before cutting it loose.  The hinge was made 2" thick all the way across, so there was plenty of strength to hold the tree in place until I tipped it.

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