Monday, August 25, 2014

People's Good, Woody!

WFIWRADIO, in Fairfield, Illinois has a show every weekday morning with two talented guys who are both newsmen and entertainers.  They call themselves Woody and Murvis, and they are a regional treasure.  One of the recurring things we hear on their show comes at the end of many human interest reports they do.  Murvis will say, "People's good, Woody!" and they mean it.  There is a lot of good out there in our country, in spite of all the bad news.

I drove up to Iowa over the weekend, and made my usual stop at Cabela's at Hazelwood, Missouri.  It's just across the road from Ferguson, where all of the recent trouble has occurred.  It's a good restroom break, and I stretch my legs checking out the gun counter and the ammo specials.  I was impressed this time by the crowd shopping for guns.  The customers were a diverse lot, and I even saw mixed race couples shopping for guns.  One lady was absolutely giddy to be buying a pistol with her husband by her side.  No-one was angry, but many were obviously taking care of business to protect their home.  As I left the store with my purchase I saw a black man hold the door for a white lady.  People's Good!

Today I was in Iowa City with Mom for a medical procedure, and we stopped at a restaurant for a bite on our way out of town.  Mom was wobbly as we left and I parked her on a bench while I brought the car up to the curb.  When I got out of the car a really BIG black man was helping my mother out of the restaurant to the car. Don't let the race-baiters bring you down.  People's Good, Woody.


Anonymous said...

Yep, and we all need to remember this - at least from time to time.


Joel T. said...

Even an old curmudgeon like me can appreciate a kindness expressed from one person to another.

We wish you safe travels, my friends, and a quick recovery for Bea.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Monday was biopsies; we meet with the doctor in two weeks, and then we will let you know all about it. Thanks for the notes; it's always good to hear from you. Now, back to Illinois.