Thursday, May 28, 2015

I See Things In The Middle Of Nowhere

I was on my way to a timber appointment last week,  going down an obscure country blacktop when I met a pickup pulling a trailer. I saw flywheels as it went by, and in the mirror I saw this, only covered in dull red paint. I had no time to spare, so I kept on going. I finished my first appointment mid-day, and called another landowner that was close-by. He was home, so I headed to him, on a totally different road than I had traveled in the morning. Coming at me was the same truck, pulling a trailer! I stuck my arm out and flagged him down.

It's a Reid oilfield engine, and he was coming back from having it shot blasted to take off a bad paint job. I took some photos and visited a bit. You can see this engine in June at the SIAM show, Evansville, Indiana. (June 12-14) It should be up and running then, with some new paint to make it look pretty.

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