Sunday, May 24, 2015

Weekend Excitement

The old Kubota still runs well, but it is underpowered for our needs, and we are always wishing for 4-WD. The old L235 came to the country with Susan's parents thirty-some years ago, and it is time to update the equipment.

Just think of the possibilities of that loader! We have an old rotten stump in mind to try it out. Good times to follow!


B said...

Dude, I have the same frame size...a 3540. 37 HP is a lot of Hp but more is always better.

If you can go bigger.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

We priced the 33 HP version, and then realized that more power is always better. It will be pulling a Bush Hog and a five foot finish mower. The old one boils over when I put it to work that way.

Ed H said...

Be sure to clean the grill and the fins of the radiator.The only time that ours boiled over the radiator fins were clogged. Adding an electric water pump also helps immensely.

Joel T. said...

I was always told that you need 5hp at the PTO for every foot of mower. My Yanmar is 33hp at the PTO and you barely feel the 6ft brush mower but I would not use it on a 7ft. You might also consider a mid-mount mower on those low 30's hp tractors.

You're right, though. More HP means easier work and that's why I went with more. I vexed about smaller tractor and afford implements sooner vs more HP and easier work.

Kubota has some nice machines at less than Deere prices. Good luck on your decision. I bet that L235 still has some life left in her.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

The old one still runs great, and I will be putting the tiller on it soon for doing a food plot. With your formula, the HP is a bit stretched with a 5 foot mower in tough fescue. The old girl has a clean cooling system inside and out because of the boiling issue. I guess my Father-In-Law never ran it as hard or as long as I do. It was fun pulling the firewood wagon out of the woods with 2-WD on snow. I would stand on the differential lock and keep the throttle at the stop coming up the hills. When there's no backing up you have to build a fire in it!