Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Coolspring Flame Ignition Expo

Our friend Gary Bahre just got back from Pennsylvania where he attended the big Flame Ignition Expo at the Coolspring Power Museum. There were engine fans there from all over the world, and it was a great show. Many of you have heard about hot tube ignition, which is powered by flame, but before that there were intricate mechanisms built that transferred flame directly into the cylinder, and those engines were the big draw at this show. The Crown engines in Gary's video were used in urban settings to pump water up to holding tanks, providing running water to apartments. They were built in the 1880's, and it is a wonder that any have survived to this day. These are running on a mixture of hydrogen and propane. Originally they would have used illuminating gas, but that is more corrosive than propane, and propane flames are visible, so you can see what the engine is doing.

In the second video, by Reddrryder, pull the slider over to 31 minutes to see his photos of the flame ignition engines on display.


Merle Morrison said...

My step dad was interested in antique power & took me to Coolspring once. Sadly, his health failed & we never got back.


David aka True Blue Sam said...

Engine shows are a family-friendly hobby. I don't enjoy Old Threshers nearly as much now that my dad is gone.